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Probus Brewery  
Curari Polska
9,5° 3,4%  

Sour Ale with Blackcurrant 

Probus Kraft Brewery  
Oddlot Polska
16° 6,1%  

Mushroom X-mas Ale 

Probus Brewery  
Apatron Polska
12,6° 4,7%  

American Pale Ale 

Probus Brewery  
Cetus Polska
23,7° 9,9%  

Barley Wine 

Probus Brewery  
Kapral Wojtek Polska
15,5° 5,9%  

Oatmeal Stout 

Probus Brewery  
Odsiecz Polska
11,6° 4,6%  


Probus Kraft Brewery  
Ryczyn Polska
11,8° 5%  

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