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Artezan Brewery  
Mera IPA Polska
15° 6,5%  

West Coast IPA 

Mermaid Brewing Brewery  
Viridis Polska
15° 7.2%  

New England IPA 

Szpunt Brewery  
Eclipsed Polska
26° 10,5%  

Peated Imerial Stout 

Szpunt Brewery  
La Blablabla IPA Polska
12,5° 6.4%  

Belgian Brut IPA 

Bury Brewery  
Hoppy Gose Polska


Cieszyn Brewery  
Sour Mango Ale Polska
12,5° 5%  

Sour Magho Ale 

Mermaid Brewing Brewery  
Aurantia Polska
15° 7,2%  

New England IPA 

Bracki Browar Zamkowy w Cieszynie Brewery  
Cieszyńskie Wheat Wine Polska

Wheat Wine 

Lindemans Brewery  
Faro Belgia
16,1° 4,5%  


Fuller’s Brewery  
Black Cab Stout UK
11,5° 4,5%  

Dry Stout 
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